Heat pumps can do a wonderful job of heating and cooling in an efficient manner. Like all major pieces of equipment, they need regular maintenance and repair. Call our Houston Air Conditioning Repair team at 713-936-2594 today.

Heat pumps are now becoming the standard in warmer climates, as well as some colder climates with the use of a gas furnace combination – refereed to as a hybrid or dual fuel system.

Can Heat Pumps Save Houston Homeowners and Businesses Energy and Money?

Since the arrival of the heat pump and other higher efficiency mechanical equipment there has been a dramatic reduction in utility consumption. Call 713-936-2594 to see if a heat pump is right for your Houston area home or commercial structure.

Can Heat Pumps Reduce Energy Bills?

In general terms heat pumps are more “efficient” than natural gas furnaces, they require less energy to move heat from place to place. In climates that rarely go below freezing, the heat pump can provide a significant savings on utility bills, they do however lose a good majority of their efficiency when temperatures dip below freezing for any period of time. Our Houston heat pump repair team will get you all the details you need to decide if one is for you.

Energy Star, SEER, HSPF and AFUE Ratings

There are many ratings in place that make the energy efficiency and overall operating costs of HVAC mechanical equipment available to consumers. Energy Star ratings provide an overall efficiency rating and total operating cost per year for a specific unit. The SEER rating is based on the available cooling output over the course of the season divided by the required energy consumption, thereby the higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit is.

HSPF ratings refer to the heat output available from a Houston heat pump, and how that translates into energy required. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating typically applies to heating equipment and is based on actual heat output compared to fuel used, the rating is given in a percentage format, with 78% being the required efficiency rating by the US Department of Energy.

Duel Fuel Systems – Sometimes Called Hybrid Systems

The duel fuel system generally entails a gas furnace coupled with an electric heat pump. The value of a system like this is in the cost savings. This particular type of system is designed to operate either the furnace or heat pump depending on the load demand, it will alternate between the two depending on the temperatures required in order to use as little energy as possible.

Federal Energy Savings Tax Credits and Utility Company Rebates

With the increased awareness of the limitations of our Earth’s resources, many programs have been created to benefit the environmentally conscious buyer. Some of these programs include the Federal tax savings you can receive just for upgrading to a product that will save you money. The total amounts can depend on your area utility company and the amount of work you have done, but in many cases up to $1,500 is available to homeowners that replace their system. Utility companies are now offering rebates for qualified energy efficient equipment as well. Your Houston heat pump repair contractor is the place to start to get the pricing and information to decide if one is right for you.